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Chairmans' Message

Dear Students & Parents

Welcome to Academy for Technical & Management Excellence (ATME). Spread over 20 Acres of green expanse, ATME has created an ecosystem of teaching making it an universally accepted place for education and ATME prides itself in putting the “students first”.

Choosing a place to attend college is a big decision. It can be the key that opens the door to a lifetime of opportunities for growth and service.

ATME provides an environment that encourages parent and family involvement. At ATME, since we follow the concept of student first, we take utmost care of the students and we also keep parents updated regularly about the development of their loved ones. As you pursue your studies, please remember that a college education is not entirely academic, it extends beyond the classrooms, laboratories & workshops to campus organizations, seminars & meetings, cultural & social activities, athletic events, etc.

The faculty and management are known for their energy & erudition, academic achievements, teaching abilities & devotion to duty, and students get complete support to hone their skills in whatever area of interest they have. ATME encourages students with special talent and inspires its students to participate in technical, social, cultural and sports activities/competitions to enable students realize their dreams and ambitions.

The state-of-the-art labs and facilities make sure that ATME’ians have a distinct edge over others when they step out into the industry. The faculty at ATME see you as one among them as questions are answered and discussions are encouraged. ATME encourages students to grow up with a mixture of fun & learning and to spend the most precious time of your life by discovering who you are and what you want to be.

On behalf of the staff and management, I invite you to visit our magnificent campus, inspect the state-of-the art facilities, meet & discuss with students & faculty and discover the exciting opportunities that an engineering curriculum & career can offer and why we at ATME are called “pacesetters for future society”.

L Arun Kumar
Chairman, ATME

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