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Computer Science & Design

About the Department

Intake of the Department = 60

Computing and computer technology have become integral to nearly every aspect of our daily lives, with a rising demand for digital tools and applications across various sectors. The fusion of creativity, design, and software development skills is now more sought after than ever. Beyond mere coding, Computer Science and Design (CSD) represent a burgeoning research area, utilizing computational tools to extract, filter, and create knowledge to support professional endeavors.

The significance of Interaction Design and Design Methods is rapidly growing in IT products and services, aligning with the heightened focus on user experience. This program covers a diverse range of subjects, including Programming Languages, Software Development, Website Construction, Image Processing, Spatial Computing, Media Computing, Animation and Graphics, Game Design and Development, and Fundamentals of Video and Photography for Engineers.

Our Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Design is designed to prepare students for thriving careers in the IT industry, digital design, and media sectors such as gaming, animation, virtual/augmented reality, user interfaces, robotics, entertainment, and digital analytics. The curriculum not only equips students for immediate industry roles but also lays a solid foundation for further studies in Computer Science or Design.

This course emphasizes the development of techniques and abilities to address problems through a Human-Computer Interaction design process. I extend a warm invitation to all prospective students to join this innovative branch, where together, we can form a creative team that makes a positive difference.

Dr. Nasreen Fathima
Professor & Head 

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